Documents of the Application Dossier:
1.      An Application for Adoption of a Vietnamese Child.
2.      A photocopy of the Marriage Certificate (for married couples).
3.      Photocopies of the photo and signature pages of the Passport(s).
4.      A valid permit issued by the competent authority of the country of permanent residence of the adoptive applicant, which allows such applicant to obtain an adopted child.
5.      Health Certificates issued by the competent health authorities not more than six months before the date of receipt of the adoption dossier confirming that the applicant has sufficient health, and no mental and contagious diseases. A bilingual form is attached for the applicant’s convenience.
6.      Proof of prospective foster parent(s)’ adequate means of financial support for the rearing of the adopted child:
7.      No Criminal Record Certificates for husband and wife issued by County Police not more than six months before the date of receipt of the adoption dossier.
8.      A Power of Attorney  from one spouse to the other entrusting him/her to complete the application procedure in Viet Nam when one of the spouses cannot go to Viet nam. 
 All the above- mentioned documents must be authenticated by the Embassy of Viet Nam  after they have been certified  the  Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland.
 The above-mentioned 8 documents must be prepared in two sets and submitted to the Department of International Adoption, Ministry of Justice of Viet Nam.

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